Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Reason 0027 : Stupid Singaporeans are Murdering Trees, Shortening Lives

Murdering trees, shortening lives? Yes, you read that correctly. There are some stupid people in our midst who are murdering trees and shortening the lives of the people around them by writing brainless, useless letters to the Forum pages in national newspapers and getting them published.

Think about it, the typical size of these articles is about 10 cm x 5 cm. Once selected for publication, this article will appear in every copy of the hundreds of thousands newspapers being printed everyday. This translates to a fantastic waste of paper and ink and not only that, there are millions of people who would have spent precious time reading this rubbish when they could have put that time to better use.

Some examples of these articles include:

'Stall owners are taking the opportunity to increase prices (of bak kwa) to match demand'
Almost all businesses owners operate businesses to make profit. If I see an opportunity to raise prices without hurting demand for my products, of course I will do it. For people who do not approve of this practice, just stop patronising the stall.

On creating jobs for senior citizens : 'Perhaps the government can build factories, as it did in the 1970s, to create simple jobs for the uneducated and those in their 60s and 70s.'
There are already many factories in Singapore. Furthermore, from a business point of view, it is more efficient to leave simple jobs to machines or to employ cheap foreign workers who are younger and faster.

A Singaporean coming back from abroad was 'greeted by grim-faced immigration officers on my arrival at Changi Airport.'
Big deal! So what if they smiled or not? Their job is to clear travellers as soon as possible and furthermore, I do not think they are paid well enough to do their job and to smile at the same time. Also, you would be grim faced too if you tried to be nice and your efforts were not reciprocated by grim faced Singaporeans.

Lastly, to Ms Lam Siew Woon, if SingTel says that your iPhone was damaged due to contact with water contact while another shop says otherwise, the correct thing to do is to go back and check with SingTel directly and not write to the papers to complain.

I wish to repeat again, writing to the papers about such frivolous issues cause destruction of trees and wastage of valuable time. It also shows our society's lack of maturity as a whole.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm sorry if you got it wrong. Everywhere in the world are doing this.


yeah tell me on country that does NOT murder trees!!!

Hot japanese Girl said...

Hm... I can understand why ur so fed up with SGP. Im vry fed up too.

KPKonliner said...

U sould see Indonesia,they destroy trees as much as their can just to build new buildings,

Anonymous said...

TOTALLY, SINGAPORE most of the chinese are Race Discriminators.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous (On June 22) Americans discriminate too. Bloody fool! Don't judge a whole race by one person, idiot
And ihatessingapore, you bloody idiot! Which country doesn't murder trees? I suppose you think that Singapore will change overnight to suit your meaningless needs. No nation is perfect, cretin.

Jessica said...

@Anonymous (July 31) So? It is true though, most of the chinese are race discriminators. So I cant disagree with that. AND. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion so dont go around calling other people idiots if you're such an ignorant prick yourself. Oh. And you're probably Chinese too huh. I agree with Anonymous (June 22) . I've seen and MET hundreds of Chinese people who discriminate all the other races here in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a common to find these kind of types of news anywhere in the world, at some point you make a valid point like the factories for elderly, it is absolutely idiotic type of news, but the rest of them are essential in the newspapers to keep paper itself alive, and relatable with citizens, I think

Cass said...

Fuck you. All countries in the world has their idiotic news. Do not just condemn singapore when you haven't read all the newspapers in this world.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you! I hate it hear, the people are rude and there's nothing to do.