Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reason 0022 : L-Plate Drivers at Ubi

Locating the ComfortDelgro Driving Centre at Ubi might have been a good idea in the past as being an industrial area, there was ample land space and fewer vehicles as compared to traffic on busier roads. However, this area has undergone rapid industralisation over the years and these learner drivers have become a nuisance on the roads.

The roads around the Ubi/Eunos/Kaki Bukit areas are mostly narrow, 2-3 lane roads. To make things worse, there is often only one lane for turning left or right most of the time. Being an industrial area where a lot of trade and commerce takes place, time is of the essence for many people and nothing is more frustrating when you are in a hurry and a learner driver is blocking your way and chugging along at 30 kmh. You may also see several learner drivers lining up on the side of one road, waiting for their chance to practise their U-turns. If you are behind these drivers, at least 3-4 changes of the traffic lights may have taken place before you finally reach the junction.

Somebody needs to step up and make some changes here.

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