Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Reason 0016 : Indecisive Singaporeans

One thing that really drives me up the wall is seeing indecisive Singaporeans holding up the queue at food courts when they are buying food. Just stick around the economic rice or yong tau foo stalls and you will see loads of this type of Singaporeans in action.

What happens is this : this person will wait patiently in line for his/her turn to buy food. When it finally comes to their turn, he/she will begin to order. The first dish is always very quick, but the dishes after that are the real highlight. You can see the internal struggle taking place in them and you can almost empathise with them and feel their agony:

"Should I have the chye sim or the steamed egg?"
" The long beans look delicious as well leh..."
"I would love to have the fried chicken wings but they will make me put on weight."
" So many dishes ah? Dun know what to choose."

The situation at the yong tau foo stalls are even worse. These people will pick and choose items as if they are at a wet market. They will pick up one item, look it over (to make sure it is clean, it is the biggest one, the most juicy one), and then they will either put it down (if it fails their internal QC standards) or put in into their bowl. They have conveniently forgotten that there is a long line of people waiting to choose their food like they are and those people cannot proceed if someone is blocking their way!

To these people, I wish to say, "stop dreaming or gossiping while you are in line so that you can look and decide what you want to have in advance. Order your food quickly and go so that you do not hold other people up. If you really cannot decide, step back while you think and let other people proceed first"


Anonymous said...

"Singaporeans are people with First World incomes but Third World manners"

First world incomes? Eh bro, don't joke leh....

Anonymous said...

I see that you have third world manners. Congrats pal!

Anonymous said...

Is it your problem that people are indecisive, everyone will in a way or another be indecisive at times, even you, so whats your problem here Mr. And this practice not only happens in Singapore loser! When it comes to food, people all around have difficulties in deciding what they eat.

Anonymous said...

I mean, you! This loser.

Anonymous said...

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