Sunday, January 11, 2009

Reason 0020 : Work Till You Drop

In the article below,

PM Lee urged older Singaporeans to 'continue working for as long as you can', as well as that older workers 'must be prepared to work longer and be ready to adjust to different responsibilities, and possibly lighter work and less pay.'

I think it is a national disgrace that old people are still working instead of enjoying life, be it selling tissue paper or collecting dirty dishes at food courts. This shows that there are serious issues with the value systems of the people (why are people not taking care of their parents?) or that some of these elderly poor may have become sacrificial lambs in our relentless drive for economic growth.

Furthermore, I am working as hard as I can now so that I can retire, enjoy life, and do the things I want to do as soon as possible. Why would I want to be in a place where I will probably need to 'work for as long as I can?'


Aunty said...

It will never happen in Singapore.
There is a reason there is a need to have more people migrating INTO your terribly overpopulated country. Singapore's economy is like a pyramid scheme. Many people are needed at the base to maintain the pyramid.
Its not a natural or organic country and can only survive if everyone (except for those at the very top) sacrifice themselves by working their whole lives.
You sound like an intelligent young person - get out while you can.
I left some years back. BEST decision EVER.
Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

DUH of course because we've a ageing population and our only resource is manpower?
That's why before the number of young and old in our population balances out, there's no choice right?
When that many people retires, who is going to replace them?
Therefore your so-called "gahmen" is encouraging locals to give birth more right?
Before these new born grow up, we need the old to continue to work.
And it is not true that all these old people are sad to be working. Many are actually happy that they can still contribute at their age.
It's only because you don't like Singapore that you feel this way, you're already prejudiced and is looking at this issue from one angle.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Get things right before you comment anything man. We, oh sorry, its Singapore is facing serious ageing population. Thus, comment this only when you can at least support 20 elderlies.

Anonymous said...

heck. you can choose to retire if you want. no one is forcing you to work

Hot japanese woman said...

To the commentor above : You got no brains?! Choose to retire if i want? Damn you. Have u seen the standard of living in singapore? You're always nvr earn enough just to keep paying debts.

I also know i want to retire... But is it possible?! F u arrogant fool.

Anonymous said...

hehe i like u guys,nyahahahaha

Anonymous said...


sap ecc 7.0 said...

I agree with your comment that there should be some age limit until when a person should work and after that he should go for retirement from work.