Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Reason 0004 : People Who Lean On Hand Poles in MRT Trains

Why are some people so obtuse? They are either simply oblivious to the inconvenience they are causing others or they are simply selfish, insensitive, anti-social creatures who do not care. I am referring to those people who have the habit of leaning against poles in MRT carriages meant for passengers to hold on to so as to maintain their balance while the train is in motion.

Some of these insensitive idiots can continue with their anti-social behaviour, even during rush hour when the train is packed. There was once when I gave one of these guys a hard poke in the back with my fingers while he was leaning on the pole. The guy turned around and glared at me. I stared back at him and knowing that he was in the wrong, he backed off.

One word of advice in these situations: if a boorish, uncouth looking person is leaning on the pole, STAY FAR AWAY! you might get beaten up if you tell him off or poke him. On the other hand, if you choose to keep quiet and hold on to the pole, chances are that your hand will be smeared with sweat from his sweat-soaked T-shirt or worse still, you might even catch a whiff of his toxic B.O. if you are in close proximity.

Reason 0003 : Able bodied People Who Use Lifts in MRT Stations

One of the most disturbing and disgraceful things I have ever witnessed is able bodied people using the lifts meant for the handicapped in MRT stations. I am sure you have seen this before: people queueing up to use the lifts, especially during rush hour. Hey people, "wake up your idea lah, dey!" The lifts are meant for the disabled or elderly people who have difficulty using the escalators or walking long distances. Why are you using it when you have legs to walk with? There was even once when I witnessed young, working adults getting into the lift first, leaving an old woman to wait for the next available one. For shame!!!

Don't give people the excuse that you had a long day and you are tired. Just treat the extra walk as a form of exercise. Thank your lucky stars you are not handicapped. If you want to take the lift so badly, wait till you lose the use of your legs in future and you can use it all you want.