Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Reason 0005 : The Button Works The Very First Time

I was waiting for the lift the other day when I saw this young lady come up after me. Being the only person before she came along, I had pressed the button for the lift already. Hence, the button was lighted. This lady (looks like an office lady, by the way) went near the lift, saw the already lighted button, and pushed it a few more times!!! This seems to be a perculiar Singaporean habit and I was thinking, ''what a complete idiot''.

I have always wondered what these people were thinking when they do this. Is this supposed to make the lift go any faster? Being in a cranky mood that morning, I decided to tease her a little. I pushed the button about 10 more times, saying ''faster leh'' each time I did it, in a sarcastic tone of voice. It was all just to mock her and to see what her reaction was.

Her reaction was priceless. She knew that I was mocking her and she glared at me, but I just smiled evenly at her and then ignored her. I knew she couldn't and wouldn't do anything because she was just like the rest of the cowardly, spineless Singaporeans out there, choosing to keep quiet whenever something upleasant happens.