Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reason 0028 : Complicated Taxi Surcharges

I think the Singapore taxi system is one of a kind in the world and I do not mean that in a good way. Where else can you find a taxi system with so many different surcharges? What's more, these surcharges kick in depending on the time of day, location you boarded the taxi, road usage pricing etc. These charges are so many and complicated that you would need to complete a course in mind mapping and a Phd in mathematics before you could remember and decipher them.

Despite repeated calls from numerous members of the public to do away with these surcharges and introduce a higher meter based fee, the taxi companies have kept quiet on this issue. They are aware that this is a major problem and yet they are not doing anything about it.

In my opinion, any private investor with money to spare should start a new taxi company, strip the present taxi system down to its basics, and give commuters what they deserve; a simple, fuss free taxi system. Commuters should also show their support by choosing the new company's taxis over the rest.

This will give the other taxi companies a good wake up call and a good kick up their asses at the same time.

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Hot japanese girl said...

Comfort are not comforting. Damn em fking charge us so high on fares.