Monday, December 8, 2008

Reason 0007 : Singaporean Girls are a Confused Lot

I think Singaporean girls are a very confused lot. On one hand, they want to be seen as worldly, sophisticated, cosmopolitan, strong career women but on the other hand, God forbid if men do not open car doors for them, do not send them to and pick them up from their offices/workplace etc, or are unwilling to carry their ladies handbags.

Also, you can see many Singapore girls blindly following 'kawaii' and cutesy fashion trends from countries such as Korea and Japan. Just take a quick look at the Friendster photos or blogs of many Singaporean girls and you can often see them taking photos in cutesy poses, wearing clothes and dolling themselves to look cute. The one pose that always makes me want to puke is the hand making the V-sign beside their face while taking the photo, especially if it is done by twenty something year olds.

It appears to be that Singapore girls want to have their cake and eat it too. All I can say is, "Wake Up Your Idea Lah Dey!" If you want to be treated as equals, then don't whine when your man asks you to find your own way home. If you want to be treated as a 'small woman', as what they call it in Mandarin, then don't whine when your guy spends more time with his buddies than with you, or 'cry father cry mother' when he does not tell you where he was last night.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... it's partially because the Singaporean men endorse such behaviour i guess... some men with ego issues spoil their girls moronically or give in to their girls too easily ("pussywhipped").

Check this out!

As a result,other girls expect their men to spoil them the same way as their girlfriends' men spoil them. It a vicious cycle really when a man doesn't stand up for himself.. it affects all men!

Anonymous said...

singapore women are the worst kind. dont they know that personality counts more than looks. there s one word to describe them and its SHALLOW. the funny thing is, singapore women is like a culmination of personalities on tv. is like the only world they know is what they see on tv. its sad.

Anonymous said...

You know what, Singapore women are really made for Singapore men. How?

While the female half is contradicting and confused, Singapore men are a bunch of useless good-for-nothing "lemau"** lot who thinks highly of themselves (but unfortunately with stunted confidence level) and view Singapore women as fast-cars-lots-of-cash-crazy lot who only drools at how tout your muscles are and how many packs you can carry on your abs (which really could've been put to better use as part of your brain-matter).

All i can say is, "Wake Up Your Idea Lah Dey!"

Its true, though painful to admit. Singapore men are lame :)

(**Lemau is Malay for "non-crispy", stale, lame and often used to describe the quality of Singapore men, be it of Chinese, Malay or Indian origin)

Anonymous said...

Curiously enough, this kind of stereotypical Singaporean women are the ones that are actually more often attached! Does that also not also tell us that Singaporean men are equally shallow?

In the end, Singaporean men have nothing to complain about because, as mentioned, they condone such behavior, and more than that, they actually prefer it.

Anonymous said...

I am a girl too, alright? And I do not post kawaii stuffs. Furthermore, I support female superiority, play guys around, break their hearts when I'm done with them. I believe that males like you are inferior, and therefore I will make man work as slaves for me.

Also, You singaporean males are equally confused, because YOU PEOPLE ARE THE ONES DATING SINGAPOREAN FEMALES. So stop complaining.

Anonymous said...

HEY LOOK. IM A GIRL, and stop insulting singaporean women. Women are after all softies, what do you expect and yes, following the previous comment, YOU GUYS ARE EQUALLY CONFUSED, STUPID, WEIRD AND I DUNNO WHAT ELSE, BECAUSE U PEOPLE ARE THE ONES DATING SINGAPOREAN FEMALES. SO JUST SHUT THIS WEBSITE DOWN.

Anonymous said...

Im a Gurl Too!^^
Suggest For u!
How Nice u threat A girl is how nice she will threat u! Or Maybe ZYou Just Met A Unlucky Gurl..Not All Of Them Are Like That~When I Grow Up I Surely Be Something What you say or not..Im Posting This For Fun!(Btw I'm Not Trying To Act Cute Or Something Its My Tone)

Anonymous said...

I have to say, this is all due to the weak and wimpy mould of guys out there today.... They allow themselves to get owned and bullied around by tough, scheming asshole bitches in this country... not that i am saying all women here are the same like that, but its just that kind of prevailing mentality that spurs them on in the need to build a good, comfortable and self-rewarding life for themselves. These types are pigs really and funnily enough, they event consist of disillusioned unattractive women!

Anonymous said...

all these comments from girls shows that most if not all of sg womens are unreasonable and without a vaild reasons. instilling ad hominem, baseless attack. not all guys are interested in sex, even some guys are clinically unaroused in hetro sex (hence exempted in army service), and almost all sg guys regardless are being mistaken one or another, without being constructive or objective. it is sad that not just some guys who became father are not responsible enough, and so do increasingly some girls became mother too, irresponsible enough to the poor child and even hate children. there are many cases of children being left behind to the father by materalistic and hedonistic mother (unlike in the past being left behind to the mother by abusive old-gen father)

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's because these girls are Singaporean that they are a 'confused lot'. It's more like society pressuring them to be subservient to men.

Anonymous said...

All these typical S'porean girls are just a bunch of losers. And that slut who says it's because the guys "allow" themselves to be treated that way, I also use your own logic: If you or your mother gets raped, it's your own fault because you allowed yourselves to get raped. Loser!

Singaporean girls are Egoistic, greedy, spoilt, materialistic LOSERS!!!

Thanks god, the women in my family are the exceptions.