Friday, December 19, 2008

Reason 0011 : Stomp, the Citizen's Shame Website

The establishment of Stomp, the so-called "citizen's media website" has given rise to a new channel for Singaporeans to show how self-centred and selfish they are. While good in some ways (certain topics and pictures posted by contributors bring attention to negative issues or bad habits that we should avoid doing), the disturbing impression I get from many Stomp contributors, especially if they are posting videos and photographs of serious issues such as traffic accidents, fights, arguments etc, is that the first reaction they have when they see such an incident is not to go over and help, but they will either gawk or will immediately take out their handphone to take a picture or video of the entire incident in full Technicolor detail. Stomp is also rewarding this kind of behaviour indirectly by acknowledging and publishing the names of these contributors, hence pandering to and feeding their egos.

How can anyone just stand by, gawk, and take a video of a fire going on, or of people injured in a traffic accident? Wouldn't the right thing be to go over and see whether the ambulance has been called, whether anyone needs water, or just to offer comfort? That said, if there are already rescuers on the scene or you do not wish to get involved, it is perfectly fine and people will respect your decision for that. But for goodness sake, have a little respect for others, just leave the scene and do not stand idly by taking photos and videos as if people had put up an exciting show just for your benefit.


GabriellelovesPotter said...

Hey. Good point. But next time can don't ask ppl to die can? By the way, I am a proud singaporean. You should be proud of your homeland, this is where we belong. You are being very mean. I am hurt. I feel that you disgust me. Which is true. Look I am not gonna fuck you or anything in this post. And honestly, I am ten. Look at Lee Kuan Yew- what a great man! And he is Singaporean! What about Lim Bo Seng? Please reflect quietly. I hope you understand and please reply.
Thank you,
Gabrielle Ang.
PS: I do not believe in insulting anyone, including you. You shall be ashamed of your treacherous acts.

AL said...

Nowhere did he tell people to die in this post, Gabrielle Ang. And Stomp site IS a trash website filled with self-absorbed, brainless, egoistical Singapore snobs which DOES a fine job showing the low mentality of average Singaporeans, yours included.

Vineeth said...

Yes... Agree. Stomp has become porn site in many ways too.