Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reason 0006 : Reserving "Choping" Seats Using Tissue Packs?

I did not realise that my last post was more than a year ago. Time really flies huh? Anyhow, I know it is a bit late but the recent newspapar articles on how selfish Singaporeans were reserving or "choping" seats using tissue packs reminded me how pissed off I am about this selfish habit. Why can't they just leave someone behind to guard the places? If the person looking after the places feels irritated at having to fend off people asking if the empty seats are occupied, then just get a few more people to keep her company. Otherwise, just pack your food and go somewhere else to eat. I pity the people who are alone, in a hurry, and are standing stupidly carrying a tray waiting for a seat while empty seats are occupied by small tissue packs, umbrellas, and what not.

But that said, I think the people who are complaining should share some of the blame as well. if you are pissed off at this habit, like I am, just remove the tissues and throw them away the next time you see people engaging in this anti-social habit. Singaporeans are a spineless lot who shy away from confrontations generally and if they make noise at having their items removed, just stare them down or raise your voice. I guarantee they will back down 9 times out of 10.


Dancing raindrops said...

Haha nice one! i totally agree with you,why can't they just ask one of their companions to settle down at the empty table first?

Anonymous said...

because they might be having lunch alone???!!!

Anonymous said...

I have one story to share with you regarding to this posts. It happened about 2 years ago. Everything was begun when I was traveled to Singapore alone. Back then, I was arrived at Changi airport at night (I forgot what time it is). Once I arrived, I started to look out on any fast-food restaurant I and decide to had my dinner at KFC. Ah yeah! I walked to KFC restaurant along with my luggage. For once, I found out that there were no seats left except one table located at the end of the corner of the restaurant. I walked toward the table and drop aside my luggage. I found a piece of handkerchief on the table. I thought it wasn't belonged to someone as he/she may left it. I asked some customers around me whether they had an idea about this handkerchief. My plan was to ensure that this table is free so that I can sit on that table. But it seems that they're ignored me. Never mind. So I take that handkerchief and throw into the dusk bin. I went to the counter and placed my orders. Shit happens. In the time I carried my meal and walked toward table, suddenly A cute-bloody Singaporean girl took and dragged my luggage then threw out from the restaurant. I put my tray first on the table and I shout at her "Why did you threw my things?". She replied "Eh, you see on the table leh, got kain up there leh. that means this table is mine". She tried to showed me her fangs but I don't give a fuck. While everybody in the restaurant kept looked on us. Then I started stared at her. She looked a bit devastated. I shouted back one more time. "Look! I'm asking those bloody fella around me whether this table is free or not but no one gives a damn to me. So I thought there's no one at the table. But suddenly you came here, throwing my fucking luggage out and shouting at me. Claim that this table is yours. WTH is this? Can't you at least talk to me nicely? Where's your manners?" She began to look elsewhere as she scared to had an eye contact with me. Hehe, I add up some more spices. I warned her. "You think just because I'm an outsiders and I step to your country doesn't mean I'm afraid to fight you back if you're not show me some respect. And you thought I'm scared just because you shout at me? I don't sweat you girl!" I raised up my voiced "YOU WANT TO FUCK YOU HERE? COME ON! PICK ME YOU BLOODY BITCHES! I'LL FUCKING FUCK YOUR ASS!". She kept silenced. Then she started to cried and ran like a pussy out from the restaurant. I took back my luggage and still everyone kept looked at me. The fucking part was there's one uncle sat on my left side stared at me. The way he stared at me was like a hungry lion that tried to ripped me off to apart and swallowed all my flesh. I took a look for awhile and said "What??". He looked elsewhere.

The conclusion is, many Singaporeans are pussy and what you have written about it was true. You see, when it comes to having some confrontation (Like a real man), they refuse to do so. They prefer to choose standing at the back or far away and give a shout cause they're pussy. Trust me, they even scares shit with the PRC Chinese in their own homeland. What a shame. But I don't all, just a few cowards.