Friday, December 19, 2008

Reason 0010 : Are HIV Patients Less Singaporean?

From young, I have always heard from our gahmen that Singaporeans are one united people, regardless of race, language, or religion, and that we are "one people, one nation, one Singapore". However, the recent debate on subsidised medication for HIV patients have left me wondering if HIV patients are 'less Singaporean' as compared to 'normal' citizens.

In brief, HIV patients receive little in the way of subsidies for their medication and many are forced to either forgo medication because of the high cost, or are forced to go to countries like Thailand where cheaper generic drugs are available. Also, one contributor to the Straits Times Forum made a good point saying that illnesses such as diabetes is a chronic condition, same as HIV, but yet diabetes patients receive more subsidies for their medication as compared to HIV patients.

Why is this so? This got me thinking : are HIV patients any less of a Singaporean for having the illness? Due to the fact that they have a terminal illness, is it a waste of resources to treat them since they are going to die anyway?

I find it hard to reconcile the fact that tremendous amounts of effort, time, and money are invested in National Day celebrations every year, so as to build stronger bonds among Singaporeans when some citizens are forced to go elsewhere just to obtain the basic tools they need just for them to survive.


FUCK OFF said...

Those HIV patients brought it upon themselves. Why give damn for them

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