Saturday, September 29, 2007

Reason 0001 : Singaporeans Who Slap Bus/MRT Seats

Picture this : you are sitting in a bus when the person sitting in front of you gets up from her seat, presses the bell, and moves to the exit. The bus stops, passengers board the bus, and one of these passengers moves to the recently vacated seat, bends down and WHACKS THE SEAT! 'Slap!' 'Slap!' 'Slap!'.

I am sure you have seen these Seat Slappers many times before and it never fails to amuse me every time I see it. Why? Because of the sheer irrationality of the act. Seriously, what purpose does slapping the seat serve? Does it help to cool down the seat faster? Even if you sit down in a warm seat, will you get piles? No right, so I say "Wake up your idea lah, dey!"

The funny thing is that the Seat Slapper can be anybody. Although the older folks are generally guilty of doing this, Seat Slappers do not come from any fixed profile. I have seen teenagers, working adults, and even young children doing it (monkey see, monkey do?).

The one ultimate incident I remember was when I was in the MRT approaching the City Hall station. The train stopped, doors opened, and this attractive working lady in her early 20s, boarded the train and SLAPPED THE HARD PLASTIC SEAT! I nearly laughed out loud at that point.

What is it with this habit that grips people of all ages and walks of life? Just think, 6 yrs of primary school education, 4 years of secondary, 2 years of JC, 4 years of college machiam gone down the drain as why is she SLAPPING A PLASTIC SEAT??? The years of education did not seem to have made her realise how ludicrous and futile this act is.

Maybe to set the record straight, the Gahmen should call the Mythbusters or Brianiac people from Discovery channel in to do a proper scientific test on this. Haha, that will be a hoot.

No wonder people say Singaporeans are straight, follow the law people who cannot think out of the box.

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